Go therefore and make disciples...

Mission & Vision


Our mission is at the core of who we are and what we do. These three things are what we deeply want to accomplish. If you've been familiar with SCC for a long time, you may even remember that at the old building (now the youth center) and even in the foyer at our current building we had "Love God" and "Love People" on the walls. These two affirmations come from the Gospels, Jesus even says they are the two most important commandments (Matthew 22; Mark 12:29-31).
Some have asked why the addition. A few years ago the elders were at a retreat praying and discussing the direction of SCC, and how we could more faithfully accomplish that to which we are called. And while Love God and Love People are the two greatest commands, Jesus' final words before ascending into heaven included a command, which we often call "The Great Commission." We realized that if we are going to faithfully do the ministry entrusted to us we needed to add "Make Disciples" to our mission and have it front and center as well. 


Our vision is how we believe we will achieve our mission. First, these are things we strive to do in our own lives, and as we Encounter Jesus, and Know Christ, and Reflect Him, we will naturally Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples. Furthermore, we realize that to Make Disciples who Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples we have to help them Encounter Jesus, Know Christ, and Reflect Him, thus the cycle of discipleship continues. 

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